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Where to get Free HTML Templates to Build PageCarton Themes


Basically, any HTML based site would workcould be integrated inside PageCarton seamlessly. Any site that offers a downloadable archive of HTML templates are sites to look out for. Here are sites that provides free templates that works for building PageCarton Themes. Some sites that have templates that fits into PageCarton are below.

  1. https://themewagon.com/theme_tag/free/
  2. https://www.free-css.com/
  3. https://templated.co/
  4. http://www.tooplate.com/free-templates
  5. https://html5up.net/
  6. https://bootstrapmade.com/

The sites listed above have been tested as at the time this article was written. Feel free to report if any of the links are no longer valid or if there are other sites you want us to include here. 

Don't forget that ready-made themes are on PageCarton Themes Repository  - https://themes.pagecarton.org. So when you are done building the theme, you should also upload it there so others can benefit from your work.



  • Samuel Oyekola
    2 yrs ago
    Hi there, how about getting an HTML based template from https://themeforest.net/ ?
    - Oyekola Samuel
    • Samuel Oyekola
      2 yrs ago
      Oh, that is true!
    • Ayoola Falola
      2 yrs ago
      Sure. Themeforest too could be a good place. They just doesn’t seem renowned for free themes for beginners.
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